Writing books

In my free time, I enjoy writing a blog about a variety of topics, particularly those related to my life experiences. Given the current popularity of the Korean wave, my blog’s visitor count has skyrocketed. I was even contacted by a book editor with an offer to publish my blog posts as a book. Thus, here is my first book, “24 Purnama di Negeri Ginseng”. This motivational book explores my life experiences as a villager who received a scholarship to study in South Korea. It provides insight into life in South Korea, including its pros and cons, all of which are detailed in this book.

If you are in Indonesia, you can buy this book at popular bookstores such as Gramedia and Mizan, or you can conveniently purchase it online from Tokopedia or Shopee, where many sellers offer this book.
Motivation book, "24 Purnama di Negeri Ginseng", available only in Bahasa Indonesia.